Saturday, 22 October 2016

Intro to Astrology Mary's 6 Week Astrology Course

Introduction to Astrology Course
A 6-week Introduction to Astrology Course covering the basics of Astrology. 
At the end of the course, you will be able to look at a Birth chart and understand ALL the Secret Symbols and more...

You will discover more of your own Life Purpose and character as during the course we will be exploring you own chart and those of your friends and family.
This is a beginner’s course and is aimed at those with NO knowledge of Astrology at all.
Your tutor is Mary L English  resident Astrologer for Pukka Bath and Author of the Surviving the Zodiac Series published by O-Books/Dodona Books part of John Hunt Publishing

And The Astrology of Indigos, Everyday Solutions to Spiritual Difficulties

Really enjoyed it Mary. Found it fascinating. Gave me a good insight about life and people.Thanks.” Debra
You will learn:
Week 1
Chart Shape: The Splash, The Bundle, The Locomotive, The Bowl, The Bucket, The Seesaw, The Splay, The Elements, The Signs.
Week 2
The Qualities.
The Ascendant, The Sun and The Moon: the 3 most important parts of a Chart.
Week 3
The Planets.
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
Week 4
The Outer Planets.
Neptune, Uranus and Pluto
Week 5
The Houses 1-12
Week 6
The Aspects.
Conjunction, Opposition, Trine, Sextile and Square.
£180 total or you can pay-as-you-go at £30 per lesson.
All the above information is available in her Kindle E-Book 6 Easy Steps in Astrology which is provided FREE when you complete the course.
If you can’t attend in person, the course is also offered by Word document emails & YouTube weekly lessons with 1 hour Skype follow-ups for each lesson.
“Your enthusiasm & knowledge of your subject was outstanding & you filled the course with practical info, humour & time for individuality. Thank you.” Hilary
To secure your place just send an email to Mary English at astro(at) maryenglish(dot)co(dot)uk
or ring 01225-315718 for further details.



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